1. Background

As part of our current planning for the future, some members have indicated they would prefer to receive AHA publications electronically rather than on paper, for environmental reasons. We are seeking input from the general membership on this and related issues.

* 1. Please tell us how long you have been a member of the AHA.

* 2. Would you like an option to receive the American Historical Review only in electronic form?

* 3. Would you like an option to receive Perspectives on History only in electronic form?

* 4. How would you prefer to receive the annual meeting Program? (A searchable electronic version would continue to be available after October 1.)

* 5. As part of your consideration about receiving the publications electronically, would you prefer to receive some or all of the AHA's publications formatted for an e-reader or tablet computer?

* 6. We welcome any other thoughts or considerations you might have on these questions.