* 1. How do you acquire information about Village business? (Please check all that apply.)

* 2. How do you access a Village Board Meeting?

* 3. When was the last time you visited the Village's website, www.burr-ridge.gov?

* 4. Please indicate your gender.

* 5. Please indicate your age.

* 6. How long have you lived in Burr Ridge?

* 7. In what type of home do you live?

* 8. How satisfied are you with the housing options in Burr Ridge?

* 9. Is your residence part of an active homeowners association (HOA)?

* 10. In which grade school district is your home located?

* 11. BoundaryUsing I-55 to divide north/south and County Line Road to divide east/west, in what section of the Village do you live?

* 12. How safe do you feel living in Burr Ridge?

* 13. Burr Ridge has been a designated "Tree City" for over 20 years, and has a parkway tree maintenance program. How satisfied are you with the tree maintenance program?

* 14. How satisfied are you with the public landscaping areas of Burr Ridge?

* 15. The Village has recently embarked on a long-term exclusive Scavenger Franchise Agreement. How satisfied are you with this arrangement thus far?

* 16. Do you think Burr Ridge should do more to become a "bicycle friendly" Village?

* 17. How often do you visit the Village Center/County Line Square areas?

* 18. What is your primary reason for visiting the Village Center/County Line Square areas?

* 19. What types of businesses would you like to see come into the Village Center/County Line Square areas?

* 20. If you have recently had contact with the Burr Ridge Police Department, please check all that apply. (If you have NOT had contact with the Police Department, please skip to question #27.)

* 21. How would you rate the overall competency and performance of the Police Support Service Staff (Records, Reception, and Administrative Secretary)?

* 22. How would you rate the overall competency and performance of the police officer or detective you had contact with?

* 23. How would you rate the quality of overall service you received from the Burr Ridge Police Department?

* 24. If you or a member of your family were the victims of a crime, did a representative from the Burr Ridge Police Department make a follow-up contact?

* 25. Did a Burr-Ridge Police Officer/Detective provide you with any referral information?

* 26. Did you contact the referred agency?

* 27. Are you a subscriber to the Police Emergency notification system, Nixle?

* 28. Would you be interested in supplying your email to the Village database for special notifications, messages, and newsletters?

* 29. There is a PACE bus pickup and parking lot located on Lincolnshire Drive right behind Capri restaurant. How often do you use PACE services?

* 30. There is a full-time electronics recycling center located at the Public Works building. How often do you recycle your electronics at this location?

* 31. A medication/prescription drug recycling box is available at the Police Station. Have you ever used it?

* 32. It has been proposed that Burr Ridge make another attempt to acquire its own zip code, separate from Willowbrook. Is this of concern to you?

* 33. The Secretary of State Mobile Drivers Services Facility comes to the Village Hall three times per year. Have you ever utilized this service?

* 34. The Village of Burr Ridge hosts several special events throughout the year. Please check all that you have attended.

* 35. Throughout the summer months, the Village of Burr Ridge hosts "Concerts on the Green" every Friday night at the Village Center Green. Please check the box representing your attendance at these concerts.

* 36. What programs or services not currently offered by the Village of Burr Ridge would you like to see offered?

* 37. Do you have comments/suggestions for improvements to any Village of Burr Ridge program or service?

* 38. Please check the box that corresponds to your opinion of each item below. Select "N/A" if you are unsure or have never used that service.

  Excellent Good Average Poor Very Poor N/A
Police visibility in your neighborhood
Police response to calls from residents
Crime control (i.e. investigation of crimes)
Police enforcement of traffic regulations
Courtesy of Police Department personnel
Community planning for the future
Addressing local traffic issues (i.e. congestion)
Maintenance of streets
Snow removal from streets
Street lighting - adequacy
Street lighting - maintenance
Sidewalk/pathway maintenance
Curbside brush pickup
Stormwater drainage
Appearance of public buildings & grounds
Responsiveness of Public Works personnel
Courtesy of Public Works personnel
Zoning/building code enforcement
Nuisance control (i.e. excess growth of weeds, etc.)
Ease & efficiency of obtaining a permit
Construction site maintenance
Water quality (i.e. taste & smell)
Village water/utility bills
Water/utility bill payment process
NEW! E-Billing for water bills
Responsiveness of Village Hall personnel
Courtesy of Village Hall personnel
Burr Ridge Briefs newsletter/annual report
Burr Ridge E-Briefs weekly newsletter
Village Website (www.burr-ridge.gov)
Village App
Village social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)
Village street and pathway map
Village Cable Bulletin Board (Channels 6 & 99)
Village Board YouTube Recorded Meetings
Gateway signs and landscaping
Village special events (Concerts, Car Show, Jingle Mingle, Armed Forces Day, Run the Ridge, Run for Veterans)
Village property tax rate (only the portion pertaining to the Village)
Responsiveness of elected officials (Mayor, Trustees & Village Clerk)
NEW! Scavenger refuse collection
Thank you for your input. Please submit your survey by October 1st.  Questions? Call the Village Hall at 630-654-8181.
If needed, hardcopies of the survey are available at the Village Hall at 7660 County Line Road, Burr Ridge, IL  60527.