Welcome to our survey entitled "Dyskinesia and Off-States in Parkinson’s Disease."
We would like ALL individuals with PD to participate, including individuals with and without Dyskinesias.
Dyskinesia (uncontrolled involuntary movements that can look like fidgeting or swaying) and wearing OFF-states are unfortunately a common experience for individuals with PD.  Research has indicated that in patients treated with levodopa, dyskinesia can occur in approximately 50% of patients by 5 years and nearly 90% of patients by approximately 10 years of treatment. Dyskinesia and OFF-states are associated with impaired activities of daily living, decreased health-related quality of life, increased risk of falls, increased health care utilization, and increased strain on care providers. Although there are some improvements in the management of such symptoms, continued research focused on understanding the experience of dyskinesia and OFF-states through the eyes and voice of the person with PD is very important.

The information you provide will benefit individuals with PD and care partners as well as treatment providers so that they can better help you. We encourage your participation, but want to emphasize that your participation is completely voluntary and that all information that you provide will be kept strictly confidential.
The data collection for this report will conclude on June 1, 2019.
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