Des Plaines Fire Department - Research & Development  Group Proposal

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100% of survey complete.

This form is required when a member submits requests to the Training or Safety
Committee for a project to be reviewed or researched. SOP development, new equipment purchase or
changes to existing operations are included in this proposal.

* 1. What type of project is being proposed?

* 2. Describe in detail the nature of your proposal.

* 3. Does this currently exist in the department?

* 4. Are there alternatives available to this proposal currently in the department?

* 5. Who will this project impact?

* 6. What training requirements are anticipated with this project?

* 7. What maintenance or service requirements are necessary for this project?

* 8. Where will this project be located or stored?

* 9. What is the anticipated budget for this project?  Include purchase, training, instructors, maintenance for annual support of this project?

* 10. List of supporting references/examples/weblinks available.
Please paste links or attach copies to this request.

* 11. Name of person(s) submitting proposal.

* 12. Date

Date / Time