* 1. Should public high school education move away from teaching in traditional physical buildings to on-line teaching? Explain.

* 2. How could on-line learning for high school students work best?

* 3. Could the tax monies that communities spend on maintaining physical buildings for high school education be put to more efficient and better uses? Explain.

* 4. Are you a parent, student, administrator or teacher? If an administrator or teacher, what level - elementary, middle or high school - do you work at? What is your town, city and state?

* 5. Does the idea of home-schooling in a neighborhood setting coupled with certified teachers (in the main disciplines) present once per week and on-line teaching for the remainder of the week appeal to you? Why or why not?

* 6. What - if any - problems associated with traditional physical-plant high school buildings could be ameliorated by moving toward on-line public education for high school students?

* 7. What would you predict would be the overall student preference if faced with the choice of on-line verses the traditional mode of educational instruction/learning?

* 8. In terms of priority, how would you rank the issue of on-line verses traditional physical plant teaching and learning among the many issues and problems in education today?

* 9. If you do not mind allowing both your responses and identity included in a possible book on this subject, would you provide your name, city or town, school and # of years teaching? You can exclude your name if preferred and just provide the other answers to these questions.

* 10. Would you like to see the current system of traditional public high schools replaced in favor of on-line, at-home education supported periodically by certified teachers (in attendance) in neighborhood settings in which students are monitored by salaried parents? Would this work? Explain.

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