Thank-you for completing this questionnaire. Your feedback is extremely important to guide the work of the SCN, especially as we look to expand and reach more people in crisis. The anonymised feedback you provide in this form may be used to help the SCN ahcieve this, e. g. through allocating resources, applying for funds, and promoting the sense of affiliation and hope within our network.

* 1. How did you find out about the Spiritual Crisis Network?

* 2. Why did you first make contact with the Spiritual Crisis Network? (Tick all boxes that apply)

* 3. How valuable have you found your contact with SCN on a scale of 1 (not valuable at all) to 5 (very valuable indeed)?

* 4. How valuable have you found different aspects of SCN, on a scale from 1 (not valuable at all) to 5 (very valuable indeed)?

  1 Not valuable at all 2 3 4 5 Very valuable indeed N/A
Yahoo discussion group
Email support
SCN group
Isabel Clarke's book Psychosis and Spirituality

* 5. Please say more about what you have found valuable in your contact with SCN

* 6. Please tell us about anything you found unhelpful in your contact with SCN

* 7. How, if at all, could your experiences with us have been improved?

* 8. What would you most like to see us doing/offering in the future?

* 9. On occasions it may be useful to quote user feedback in, for example, literature about the SCN and in funding applications. Do you give consent for your comments to be quoted anonymously?