* 1. What were the two most interesting topics presented to your EPC during 2017?

* 2. Who were the council's two favorite or highest rated speakers during 2017?

* 3. Please tell us about any new and successful programs or committees your EPC added during 2017.

* 4. Did you have any particularly successful networking, social or volunteer events during 2017?

* 5. Did your council collaborate with other associations during 2017?  If so, please tell us which groups you partnered with.

* 6. What was your council's biggest success during 2017?

* 7. What was your council's biggest challenge during 2017?

* 8. Did your EPC participate in any charitable endeavors during 2017?

* 9. If yes to question 8, please share how the council choose a charitable project and how that effort benefited the community.