There have been several indications that students may be finding the workload of this class beyond what they can fruitfully sustain, even factoring in that it's meant to reflect a 4-unit load. This particularly concerns me given that students will now be ramping up on their projects, which will require additional effort beyond the current class assignments.

In this survey I'd like to better understand the situation and gather your thoughts on how to address it, if needed.

Your answers are fully anonymous.

* 1. Which of the following best reflects your view of the homework load?

* 2. On average, how much time would you estimate it takes you to:

* 3. Here are some possible ways of reducing the homework load. For each, please indicate the degree to which you think it would be a good approach to take.

  quite good good neutral bad quite bad no opinion see comment below
Same type of assignment, but expectation is for writeups to have less detail, along with less feedback per writeup
Same type of assignment, but only one a week
Each week, one assignment of the current form, one of a shorter form (for example, the shorter one might not require reading a paper)
When computing the homework portion of class grades, only take the top K of the remaining N assignments into account (say for K = N/2), so skipping N-K assignments has no penalty.

* 4. In general, what facet(s) of the course do you think are working well?

* 5. In general, what facet(s) of the course do you think aren't working well?

* 6. For things that aren't working well, any suggestions on how to improve them?

* 7. Any final comments or suggestions regarding the class?