About this application

This application is for individuals who would like to participate in the Learning Collaborative without the support of an agency team. If you are an agency applying please use the agency application.

This application has two purposes:

1 ) to allow you and the learning collaborative team to assess readiness to implement Child-Parent Psychotherapy in your settings; and  

2) to help us in planning the Learning Collaborative to meet the needs of its participants.

Child Parent Psychotherapy (CPP) is an evidence-based treatment that works with caregivers and young children ages birth to five who have experienced trauma. The model focuses on the use of the child-parent relationship to reduce symptoms of trauma, promote child development, and identify how parents' early life experiences may impact their interactions with and expectations of their children. (Don’t Hit My Mommy, 2nd Edition: Lieberman, Ghosh Ippen and Van Horn, 2015)

NOTE: Learning collaboratives typically focus on training teams within agencies (e.g., a small group of clinicians and supervisors). Individuals who wish to participate in the learning collaborative must guarantee that they have a mechanism to achieve appropriate CPP-focused supervision by the beginning of the first learning session. This will be assessed in this application. 

Instructions: This application will take some time to complete thoughtfully to ensure this collaborative will meet your needs. You will be able to return to your application to finish at a different time: if using the email link, you can click the same link to return where you left off, if using the website link you must use the  same computer and browser to return. For review of this application prior to beginning, check out this PDF.