Cornerstone Christian Academy - Public Interest

Cornerstone Apostolic Church is conducting a survey to seek public interest of opening a private Christian school in the Phelps area, located 25 Beech Creek, Jamboree, Kentucky. Please answer the following questions honestly and feel free to leave a comment. We value your opinion and input on this most time sensitive matter. Thank you for your interest.  

* 1. Are you interested in sending your child or children to a private Christian school?

* 2. What grade levels do you think would be appropriate for Cornerstone Christian Academy?

* 3. Cornerstone Christian Academy's teaching staff and Administrative staff will be fully licensed and state certified teachers. Do you feel that this is important?

* 4. I am fully aware that private schools do not receive state funding. Therefore, tuition and book fees are required in order to attend. Cornerstone Christian Academy is a non-profit organization. However, the private school must receive funds in order to be operational. What do you feel is a reasonably amount to pay for a private school tuition? Discounts will apply for additional sibling(s) enrollment.

* 5. Would you consider enrolling your child into Cornerstone Christian Academy for the 2018-2019 school year? Please keep in mind limited availability may apply.  

* 6. What is your opinion about the number of days the students attend school through the week?

* 7. Cornerstone Christian Academy will be a place where students receive a first class education with advance curriculum, state of the art technology, exceptional arts program with music classes, art education, drama, video and production, life skills and most importantly, Biblically based teaching. Do you feel that these areas are important to your child's education?