* 1. Your answers to this survey will help make our club better. This survey is anonymous so don't be afraid to answer honestly.

The Millbrae Lions Club has been an important part of our community since 1938. Our members are known for being active and popular, but recently our general meeting attendance has been weak. Why is our general meeting attendance not as strong as in the past? (check those that apply):

* 2. Our current meeting location is the El Rancho Terrace Café. Our former meeting location was Green Hills Country Club. Knowing that Green Hills Country Club is more expensive and would increase our dues, which meeting location do you prefer:

* 3. Our current meeting day is Wednesday. Our former meeting day historically had been Thursday (changed to Wednesday to accommodate staffing at Green Hills Country Club). Does our current Wednesday meeting day work well for you?

* 4. What aspects of past general meetings would you like to see more of in the future? (check as many as you wish):

* 5. What improvements you would you like to see take place at our meetings? (check those that apply):

* 6. How would you make newer members feel more included at general meetings? (check as many as you wish):

* 7. Which best describes our Millbrae Lions Club Bulletin? (check as many as you wish):

* 8. The Millbrae Lions Club Bulletin originally was sent to each member via the U.S. Postal Service. Due to the expense of printing and postage the Bulletin is now distributed via email. What best describes your Bulletin preferences? (check as many as you wish):

* 9. In previous years a "Lions Cage" was part of the Bulletin listing those Lions who missed attending regular meetings. Would reinstating the "Lions Cage" help motivate Lions to attend regularly?

* 10. There are currently 70 members in the Millbrae Lions Club. What best describes you as a Millbrae Lion? (check as many as you wish):