Thank you for participating in this Folklore Archive Feedback Survey. This feedback allows us at the Center for Folklore Studies to develop and improve our current outreach and engagement programs!

* 1. Overall, how satisfied are you with your recent archival visit or presentation?

* 2. Please provide any suggestions for improvement here.

* 3. Was it easy to schedule your presentation, and did you receive prompt responses from the Director of the Archives to follow up about your presentation?

* 4. Please provide a comment with suggestions for improvement here.

* 5. Did the archivist discuss the topics you were hoping to have covered during the presentation? Do you have suggestions for improvement in terms of following through on specific topics?

* 6. Please provide feedback if you answered "somewhat" or "no" to the previous question.

* 7. Based on the presentation you saw, how likely are you to schedule another archives presentation?

* 8. Please list any topics you would like to have the archivist cover in future presentations.

* 9. If you are not a student, faculty, or staff at Ohio State University, please explain how you heard about this presentation and what made you interested in attending.