Thank you so much for participating in the MAERB webinar for Site Surveyors of CAAHEP-accredited programs. Your dedication to medical assisting programs is greatly appreciated. We would like to continue to offer more training opportunities for Site Surveyors, and we would like to hear your feedback so that we can continue to improve; in addition, we would like to hear your ideas about future training session for Program Directors, as you have lots of good experience in working with Program Directors.

* 1. Please evaluate the webinar as a whole based on your perception of its usefulness.

  Very Useful Mostly Very Useful Useful Generally Not Useful Not Useful
The review of the policies
The discussion of frequently asked questions that the MAERB office receives and the connection with the policies
The connection between the Standards and Guidelines and MAERB's Policies and Procedures
The discussion, when applicable, of the MAERB resources, that provide guidance and support in complying with the Standards and Guidelines and the MAERB Policies and Procedures
The overall usefulness of the webinar

* 2. Please respond to the following topics, rating each individual topic on your perception of its usefulness.  You will note that you are evaluating the major policies covered.

  Very Useful Mostly Very Useful Useful Generally Not Useful Not Useful
General Updates
Policy 140:  Transfer Credit, Advanced Placement and Experiential Learning
Policy 205:  Annual Report Form Process
Policy 210:  Reporting ARF Outcomes
Policy 215:  MAERB Core Curriculum
Policy 220:  Retention of Course Documents and Student Achievement Records
Policy 225:  Resource Assessment
Policy 230:  Advisory Committee

* 3. We are asking the Site Surveyors these questions as we would like to hear your prospective.  The MAERB is interested in developing ongoing training for the Program Directors of CAAHEP-accredited medical assisting programs, and it would be very helpful to get more feedback in order to design effective tools.  Please let us know what options do you think would be the most helpful for the Program Directors.

  I think that the program directors would find it useful I think that the program directors might find it useful I think that the program directors would not find it as useful
Webinars once a semester (recorded for future reference)
An online self-study accreditation course with specific modules (Annual Report, Curriculum Development, and so on) that you can access, with readings, activities and quizzes
More frequent publications of the MAERB Report (currently published twice a year)
A resources web page for the community to contribute materials
A blog with frequently asked questions and answers

* 4. What aspect of CAAHEP programmatic accreditation do you find that Program Directors have the most difficulty in implementing and/or understanding?  Feel free to refer to either the Standards, MAERB Policies and Procedures, and the MAERB office processes (ARF, curriculum/institutional changes, and forms).  Detail will be very helpful in this response.

* 5. What further resources do you think would help the  Program Directors implement the 2015 Standards and understand the accreditation processes even more?