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This survey is for Louisiana pro bono and public interest advocates and other users of We are looking for input to make the site better. Please do not use this survey to ask for legal help or advice. See to look for programs that offer free legal help.

* 1. Which if any areas do you belong to on the site? That means you have a login ID and password.

* 2. How often do you use this site?

* 3. Which features do you use on the site? Pick all that apply.

* 4. How do you use the site? Pick all that apply. Use the comment box for anything else.

* 5. How would you describe the site's main audience? What should the site offer?

* 6. What label best describes your affiliation?

* 7. How do you usually access the site?

* 8. If you have not said so above, here's another chance say what features and information you would like to see on the site.