2017 Survey for Current or Inactive Members

The Chicago Chapter of the International Society for Performance Improvement may have to take a new direction in 2018.  Our commitment as an association has always been to offer a different experience for members and potential members of our professional organization.  These survey questions will take little time to complete and your responses will guide our approach to providing the professional services and experiences you desire.  Please complete this survey.  We would like to have you continue to shape our new and interesting future.

* 1. Are you a current member of CISPI?

* 2. For me, the real 'value' in a professional membership comes from: (check all that apply)

* 3. Please provide your current contact information below.  We know people move and change roles. We don't want to  miss you!

* 4. If you are not an active member, what is the strongest reason for you to become active again?

* 5. In the past, the Board of Directors have varied in numbers?  From your perspective and/or experience, how many board members do you believe this association needs?

* 6. If there were critical vacancies on the Board of DIrectors for Chicago ISPI, what would most adequately represent your opinion to this situation?

* 7. Current role in human performance improvement in your organization: