* 1. How frequently do members of your household use the following parks?

  Once or twice a year Every other month Once or twice a month Once a week or more N/A
Community Park and Pool
Indian Hill Overlook 
New Locks and Dam
Old Locks and Dam
Rivertown Trail
Veterans Monument

* 2. For the questions below, please select your response based on a scale from 1-5.

  (1) No Way (2) (3) Maybe (4)  (5) Absolutely
Does Newburgh do a good job of providing parks?
Does Newburgh need parks at new locations?
Does Newburgh need new facilities at existing parks?
Should Newburgh provide additional program/activities?

* 3. Please list park facilities/programs that, if added, you would use.

* 4. How well does the park system serve the following groups?

  Over-adequately Adequately Inadequately Very Poorly
People with disabilities
Young Children

* 5. How does your household use the parks?

* 6. For your household, how important are the following potential park ideas?

  Don't do it Undecided Sure Please do it
Extend Rivertown Trail
Dog Park
Nature Park
Performance Pavilion
Skate Park
Reflection Park

* 7. What is your dream for the Newburgh Parks System in the future?

* 8. For your household, how important are the following park improvements?

  Don't do it Undecided Sure Please do it
Park Beautification
More Open Field Areas
More Sports Areas
Update Community Park
Update Fortress of Fun
Update Community Pool
Update Pool Bathhouse
Keep Pool Open through August
Educational Programs
River-Related Programs
Offer Lessons (tennis, etc.)
Offer More Programs/Activities

* 9. Do you currently follow the following pages on Facebook?

  Yes No
Town of Newburgh
Newburgh Community Pool
Historic Newburgh Inc.
Newburgh Museum

* 10. Please list the number of individuals in your household within each age range.

* 11. How long have you lived in the Newburgh area?

* 12. Is your household within the corporate limits of Newburgh?

* 13. Does any member of your household have a disability?

* 14. Please share your thoughts, ideas and visions for the Newburgh Parks System: