Application Lakota Earthsong – Cultivating Sustainability through Ethnobotany

Lakota Youth Development endeavors to rejuvenate the essence of Lakota language, culture, and spirituality, championing the cause through the cultivation of education, fostering healthy lifestyles, all underpinned by culturally enriched methodologies. Through a strategic partnership with the USDA: NCR SARE Grant*, we proudly host this workshop as a beacon of enlightenment and advocacy, dedicated to nurturing a collective consciousness towards sustainability, thereby fostering a harmonious stewardship of our precious planet. *North Central Region Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education grant
1.What is your name and age?
2.Where are you from?
3.Do you have any food allergies?
4.What are your preferred pronouns?
5.Which lodging would you be staying in?
6.Check the best that applies to you
7.If you are a student, what school/college do you attend?
8.List of Topics of interest
9.For each of the following topics, please list 3 to 4 topics you have EXPERIENCE in:
10.For each of the following topics, please list 3 to 4 topics that you have LITTLE KNOWLEDGE in: