Women Business Survey - 2017

Each year we conduct a survey on challenges faced by women businesses in India. The survey results are shared with government agencies, accelerators and incubators who can help provide more specific solutions to your business. Help us help you by taking the survey.

Note - This is an anonymous survey. We are not collecting any personal data through this survey. So you can be sure no one will know your identity and you can safely enter your problems 

* 1. Are you a business owner?

* 2. Which year did you start your business?

Date / Time

* 3. What products or services you deal in and what type of customers do you serve?

* 4. List 3 immediate needs/requirements of your business

* 5. List top 3 challenges faced by you in operating your business

* 6. Are you looking for a mentor or an expert to guide you and solve your business queries?

* 7. List top 5 trainings that will help you conduct your business better

* 8. Pick all who you would like to be connected with to help you with your business?

* 9. Is your business funded?

* 10. Name 3 women business networks/organizations that have helped you, you are part of or you follow regularly