Statement to the WVMCCD Board of Trustees:

We, the faculty of the WVMCCD, are insulted by the District's offer of $500 as compensation for the extraordinary work faculty took on as a result of COVID 19.  Faculty have worked twice to three times harder as a result of work assignments transitioning online.  We worked in good faith with the District and for the benefit of our students during this crisis, and now the District shows "appreciation" by offering a token that equates to about a $1.54 per hour.

The District has an obligation to support faculty-provided services and instruction; our classes are why we have students to begin with.   Please don't "blow off" and make light of the work that faculty provide and the students we serve.

We urge the District to work quickly and in earnest with WVMFT to negotiate a COVID agreement that provides reasonable compensation that is both commensurate with all that we have done and the value we have provided to our students during this global pandemic.

Thank you!

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