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Christian Formation alone does not meet the requirement for sacramental preparation.  Families interested in sacramental preparation for 1st Reconciliation/Eucharist (2nd grade and higher) or Confirmation (10th grade/age 15 or higher), must attend BOTH Christian Formation AND Sacramental preparation classes.
Additional, any child in 6th grade or above must have a Youth Event form completed.

The cost of Christian Formation is $55 per child with a family cap of $110.  If you register and pay before 9/1/17, it is $50 per child.  Sacramental prep fees are not part of the family cap.  Please make payment in the Christian Formation dropbox in the Church Commons, in the Parish Office, or online using the blue E-giving button at  Full payment required by September 30th.
If you are volunteering to be a catechist, the cost is $40 per child until 9/1/17.   *Melody Smith will be in contact with you.
If you have more than two children to register, please supply the additional child information in the answer section with your second child (by doubling up the information).
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