A five minute survey for a Stanford psych paper.

* You might not know it, but everyone's a little bit of a storyteller. It's just a human thing.

Stories are based on significant events - or sometimes not so significant ones - which are funny, tragic, and everything in between.

Someone who loves teaching, for example, might say that teaching is a significant life event, even if it is an ongoing event. And they would maybe like to share the story of their teaching career. Someone else may have struggled with mental illness, or single parenting.

I would like to hear your story.

The empty text-box below is a place for you to write anything you wish about your own story.

However, I want to impose a couple rules on you.

Rule #1: Try to tell your story, as much as you can, in neutral terms. 'Someone dumped me' would be a non-neutral statement, whereas 'my relationship ended' would be neutral. This can be pretty hard because you can feel some emotions coming up. Just let it out.

I lied with the numberings, that's the only rule. I won't use your data for anything bad, just to try to write an academic paper. I will email you on results of the paper.

Here's the box:

* What area of life does your story relate to? Mark all that apply.

* Has this experience made you stronger?

* Want to hear more about where we're going with this? Leave us your zip code and email both, and you'll be entered in our closed beta. We'll think of that as an indicator of curiosity and keep in touch with you.

Any contact info you'd like us to have will be used responsibly, like The Force. If you want the emails to stop, email us. The email address in this survey is used by David Christopher Arnold to go to Stanford, and so is checked very often.

Also, we'd appreciate if you could give us your non-spam, personal email address so that we can contact you meaningfully when our site launches. We don't anticipate our emails looking like spam, but who knows what the spam guardians think looks like spam these days?

* I like aggregation. So here, I'm going to cheat and give you high funny-density stuff straight from the best of YouTube. 100 of the best videos on YouTube in 200 seconds. Pre-viewed by us to ensure that you will at least like one of them. Just have to watch carefully. It's honestly mind-numbingly entertaining. I hope.


As a further reward for completing the survey, I'd like to provide you with some useful human owner's manual type stuff from current experimental neuroscience, exercise science, and meditation studies. And yes, Oxford comma people represent.

Activating your own parasympathetic nervous system

Ever wanted to calm down instantly? I guarantee you that if you take 5 breaths and do your damndest to inhale deeply and slowly, and then exhale for as LONG as you can possibly handle. I find myself exhaling for 23, 24 seconds sometimes. This instantly activates the body's parasympathetic nervous system. You'll feel it in your body, it feels very relaxing. This is an ancient trick of Buddhist meditation from before anyone knew what parasympathetic nervous systems were.

Every question or piece of feedback you send us at dcarnold@stanford.edu will get a personal answer.

Now, did taking this survey make you feel better?