Squash New Zealand would like to create a stronger community through the sharing of information in Case Studies from successful Squash Clubs around the country. The Case Studies are designed to celebrate innovative thinking and success in clubs and communities around New Zealand.

The case study categories are:

1. Participation and Membership recruitment (innovative ways of increasing participation and membership)

2. Junior environment (innovative ways of creating a great junior experience)

3. Female environment (innovative ways of creating a female friendly environment)

4. Facilities Development (innovative ways that squash clubs have approached improving the squash experience through facility development)

5. People Management (innovative ways of managing and rewarding volunteers, coaches, referees and administrators)

6. Communications and Technology (innovative approaches to promoting and supporting squash)

7. Funding and Sponsorships (innovative ways of creating revenue - including outside of the traditional squash club operation)

To find out more information about the Case Studies initiative you can contact:

Daniel Grant - Squash Manager
M: 021 875 202
E: daniel@squashnz.co.nz

Thank you and good luck!