Basic Info

* 1. Name

* 4. I primarily did this activity

* 5. I used this activity (CHECK ALL THAT APPLY):

* 6. If you used the activity with a lab, please describe the lab.

* 7. What teaching methodology did you use?

* 8. How were the students grouped during their work on the activity?

* 9. Once the students started working in the SAM activity (CHECK ALL THAT APPLY):

* 10. To assess their understanding of the material on this activity (CHECK ALL THAT APPLY):

* 11. (Optional) Comments on positive aspects of the activity: Was there anything that indicated the RI-ITEST materials were particularly effective, or struck you as standing out in a positive way either directly through demonstration of knowledge specifically within the activity, or indirectly through their use of this knowledge to make connections to other topics or classroom activities?

* 12. (Optional) Comments on negative aspects of the activity or concerns you want to raise: Were there specific problems students had with content within this activity? Any other concerns or feedback you would like to give?