The CEC-CASE Research Committee, comprised of school leaders and researchers, was created to serve your leadership needs at the international,national, state, local, building, and classroom levels,and/or as an individual concerned with leadership to meet the needs of students with disabilities and their families. To better understand how we can help you, we invite you to please complete the following survey. The committee will utilize the results of the survey to complete its responsibilities that include:

1. Conduct and disseminate research on topics critical to the field
2. Solicit your input in identifying research-based practices that are highly correlated with improved student outcomes
3. Respond to CASE membership requests for additional information/research on topics that can inform your practice
4. Provide assistance and research-based information to other CASE committees to ensure you receive information that is highly correlated to effective leadership practice
5. Provide annotated bibliographies and research publications on current trends and critical issues for your use
6. Assist the CASE Executive Committee on research-based activities and/or needs

Thank you for completing the following questions so the Research Committee and other CASE Committees can assist you in serving students with disabilities and their families.

Question Title

* 1. What research/information do you need to assist you in fulfilling your job responsibilities on a daily basis? (check all that apply)

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* 3. What is your current role in responding to these questions? (select all that apply)

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* 5. Please provide any additional comments or input regarding how the Research Committee might be able to best assist you.