Dear EPS Families,

A month ago, we asked you to complete a brief survey to give us feedback on EPSRemote, and to tell us how you were thinking about the start of school in September, 2020.

Time has passed.  We all know more now, and our experience has shaped our thinking.  We're going to ask some of the same questions we asked earlier in addition to a few more that have emerged as we work toward launching academic year 2020-2021.

Equipment to enable hybrid teaching has been installed in classrooms.  We've equipped all the campus bathrooms with touch-less hardware.  Signs are being made that will guide the foot traffic patterns we've established, and we're just about to complete the schedule of courses for the year.  We have full enrollment at 502, all new teachers have been hired, and classrooms have been refurnished to enable social distancing during classes.  We will be communicating with you next week about the criteria by which we'll determine what "stages" we'll be configured to implement going forward.   

There will be four stages, each specifying information about numbers of students who can be on  campus, grade levels allowed to be on campus on particular days, requirements for social distancing, masking, hand-washing, lunch service and information specific to particular classes.

After Independence Day, we will begin to invite small groups of students and faculty to visit campus for a portion of the day to learn how to access facilities, and to begin to get reacquainted with both the campus and each other.  More information will be available soon - and don't worry about potential schedule conflicts.  There will be more than one opportunity to visit between July 6 and August 31.

To help us make decisions on some important details, we are - again - asking you to tell us your preferences.

Once again, thank you for everything you are doing to support our students through this experience, and for completing this survey.  

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