* 1. What country are you and your family originally from? In what country do you currently live in?

* 2. Do you speak Tamazight? if so, which variation/dialect? (Kabyle, Tashelhit, etc. etc.)

* 3. For the next generation of Imazighen living outside North Africa, how important are the following?

  Not important Semi-important Important Very Important
Being able to speak and understand Tamazight
Being able to read and write Tamazight

* 4. Which language is most spoken at home? (1 being "most spoken," 6 being "least spoken.")

* 5. If you have children, do you speak to them in Tamazight?

* 6. If you answered "No" to the previous question, why?

* 7. How can we encourage families to speak Tamazight to their children?

* 8. What is the value of teaching this Tamazight to the next generation?

* 9. Are you aware of any Amazigh Organizations in your area/country? If so, please list them below.

* 10. What are some of the biggest issues preventing/discouraging Amazigh families from speaking to their children in Tamazight? (outside of North Africa)