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* 1. How did the following components compare with your expectations?

  Exceeded Met Fell Short N/A
Kitchen Facility
Bathroom Facilities
Reservation Procedures
Check-in Staff
Check-out Staff

* 2. Did your group experience our High Ropes Challenge Course?

* 3. If you answered Yes to question 2, how would you rate the following:

  Excellent Good Average Poor
Professionalism of Facilitators
Sensitivity to Needs of Participants
Adaptability to Scheduling Needs
Quality of Risk Management
Level of Challenge Experienced
Value of the Experience for Individuals
Value of the Experience for the Group

* 4. Are there other programs that would appeal to your group?

* 5. What was the most memorable part of your experience at Clear Lake?

* 6. Can you tell us one thing you learned about yourself or your group while you were at Clear Lake?

* 7. How would you rate your overall experience at Clear Lake?

* 8. Would you return to Clear Lake for events and other programs?

* 9. Please check any programs that would interest you.