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The Katine Community Partnerships Project has been funded by the Guardian newspaper and Barclays Bank since October 2007. It has been implemented by AMREF, in partnership with the people of Katine. The project is located in Katine sub-county, Soroti District, Uganda. The history of the project has been extensively documented on the Guardian's Katine website. Although originally scheduled to end in September 2010, it has now been agreed that it will continue September 2011. Although the Guardian's intensive coverage of the project ended in October 2010, it's journalists will be making return visits to Katine over at least the next two years.

What we want to do

We want to use this online survey to generate some predictions about what the Guardian journalists might find when they re-visit Katine in October 2011

The Katine project has five objectives
• Improved community health
• Improved access to quality primary education
• Improved access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene
• Increased income-generating opportunities
• Communities empowered to engage in local governance

For each of these objectives there are some more specific results, which the project wants to achieve by the end of 2011

We would like to know how successful you think AMREF and its Katine partners will be in achieving these results. You can tell us this by completing the multiple-choice questions in this survey. We will also be asking a wide range of other people to make their own predictions using this same survey, including AMREF.

Later on we hope to obtain information from Katine, to see whose predictions were closest to the mark. When completing the survey you can use your own name, or a made-up name, if you want your predictions to be anonymous.

This survey is not like a conventional exam. You can investigate the project as much as you like before completing the survey. In fact we have provided a list of articles and reports from the Guardian website that you can search and make use of, if that would help. You can even do the survey more than once if you want to, but you will need a different username each time.

The closing date for the survey will be [to be announced]


---------------------------- Information sources you may find useful----------------------

The Guardian Katine website

The AMREF Katine website

More information on the background to this survey

“In 2014, Katine will be an active, empowered community taking responsibility for their development with decent health, education,food security and able to sustain it with the local government”
Statement made by community representatives and local government at the midterm review workshop in Soroti, September 2009)