We are developing a new brand for Edgefield County. In order for the brand to be authentic, this process requires your feedback on how you perceive Edgefield County and what the true essence of this special place is. We would love it if you could take the time and answer as many of the questions below as you wish about the place you call home. Responses must be received by 5pm on Friday, April 13th. Thank you for your input!

* 1. In your opinion, what sets Edgefield County apart from other areas in South Carolina?

* 2. A family is visiting Edgefield County for the first time. What are the must-do things they should experience? Name up to 5.

* 3. Who do you think visits Edgefield County the most? (For example: retired couples, people from out of state, people coming to a special event, young families etc.)

* 4. Who do you think should visit Edgefield County more that you aren’t seeing a lot of currently?

* 5. Rank the following themes that best describes the assets of Edgefield County, 1 being the most relevant.

* 6. What do you want Edgefield County to be known for? 

* 7. A community brand is a perception – the first impression someone has about a place. For example when you think of Paris you think “romance” and when you think of Charleston you think “historic”. A “brand” then informs the logo and the marketing message. Please take a few minutes to research other community “brands” through their use of websites, logos and marketing ads. Copy and paste links here from your search and let us know what you like about them. Try to find two to three examples that speak strongly to you.

* 8. Some communities choose to place their marketing efforts towards informing and engaging current residents, while other choose to reach out to potential visitors. Do you think it’s more important for a new brand to energize and engage current residents or to draw in potential visitors?  Please explain why.

* 9. How would you like to see Edgefield County marketed in the future?

* 10. What colors, images, or icons do you feel are important to consider when developing the new logo and brand?