Welcome to our short survey. We, the ACE CREATIVE partners, would like your help. As a business owner in the creative industries your input is vital for us in rating the visibility, quality and necessity for the different kinds of publicly funded business support services in the EU.

All questions in this survey therefore refer to publicly funded business support services ("support services", henceforth). Examples would include but are not limited to: a subsidized incubator or coworking space, business mentoring services or networking events.

Your anonymous answers will be bench marked against a previously conducted mapping of existing services. With your help we will gain an understanding of how visible, useful and necessary the sector rates the support services which are currently funded in the European Union. This will result in a report with recommendations to the European Commission, as well as input into the strategic vision we as the ACE CREATIVE network take for the future.

This survey should take less than 5 minutes. First, let us get to know you a bit better:

* 1. What is the name of your business? (Not required)

* 2. Are you the founder or director of a creative or software business?

* 3. Which sector(s) does your company operate in?

* 4. How many years has your company been active for?

* 5. Which country is your company based in?