* 1. How often do you go into a book shop?

* 2. When you buy something, from the aforementioned book shop, roughly how much do you spend?

* 3. When you don't buy anything, why don't you buy anything? (Select all the answers that apply.)

* 4. How important are the following aspects of a good book shop?

  Not important Somewhat important Very important
It's independent.
The staff are good at customer service.
It's easy to discover new books in there.
It's open late.
It hosts regular events / talks / readings.

* 5. What items that aren't books should a book shop also sell?

* 6. What type of event would you like to see a book shop put on? (e.g. I'd like to see musicians and directors and people who don't write books talk about what they're currently reading and read from their favourites).

* 7. Are there too many book shops in Bristol?

* 8. What is your age?

* 9. What gender are you?