About this Application

This application is not yet open. Rocky Mountain Partnership is currently accepting community input on the application and accompanying Scoring Matrix that will be used to vet proposals. Any submissions will not be saved. 

The Adams County Opioid Council has developed a scoring matrix that clearly outlines the criteria that will be used to assess proposals for this first round of funding. 
The questions in this application is organized according to the following criteria: 
  1. Clearly identifies the outcome(s) the proposal is intended to impact and is tied to the Interactive Opioid Dashboard
  2. Clear, measurable, and reasonable targets and metrics to hold accountability to impact identified
  3. Demonstrated to have high efficacy
  4. Demonstrated to fill existing gap or an unmet need in Adams County/the region
  5. Level of collaboration with other entities in Adams County and across the region
  6. Organization demonstrates a successful track record and ability to access necessary resources (such as infrastructure or workforce) for project completion
  7. Proposed project is cost efficient and within the organizational purview (experience from historical projects can be applied to proposed one)
  8. The extent to which other funding sources could be utilized (Braided funding)
Please refer to the scoring matrix HERE for more information about what will be considered when vetting proposals. 

You can also visit the Rocky Mountain Partnership website for additional information.