This questionnaire is a part of the Early Warning Europe Mentor Academy (EWE Mentor Academy), an initiative of the European Commission that aims to improve the availability of support services for companies in distress across Europe.

The project will develop a modular training programme that will help enhancing skills and competencies of new mentors to support companies in distress.

The training programme based on practical, hands-on experience and state-of-the-art knowledge will be developed together with experienced mentors who are already involved in supporting entrepreneurs facing difficulties.
As a new mentor, the EWE Mentor Academy will offer you the opportunity to:

●     make a meaningful contribution to enhance early warning services available in your country and elsewhere in Europe;
●     expand your own network of business support services providers in Europe;
●     develop the mentor’s skills, exchange best practices and learn with others working with businesses in Europe;
●     play an essential role in providing vital support to businesses, thereby helping to save jobs and stabilize your national economy;
●     gain the opportunity to become a national tutor to future EWE mentors in your country;
●     receive a certificate of participation.
Application criteria include:

●     Residence in an EU Member State or other country participating in the COSME programme;
●     Experience as an expert in areas such as: general management, business strategy, corporate finance, corporate law and Insolvency law, marketing, sales, exports, logistics, human resources, information technology, business transfer process (including family business succession) or as a business owner;
●     Strong motivation, willingness and availability to share knowledge and develop the mentoring skills by actively participating in peer learning workshops and trainings (onsite and online);
●     Fluency in English and familiarity with the use of on-line platforms and tools.
Would you like to be part of this adventure, share your knowledge and learn from others?

If yes, please join THE EARLY WARNING EUROPE MENTOR ACADEMY and help companies in distress to remain in business and save jobs.

If you are selected, you will be invited to participate in a series of activities and events (peer - workshops and training sessions) which are designed to exchange expertise and knowledge between experienced mentors and those who are new to mentoring and motivated to save enterprises from failure.
This questionnaire will take 10 minutes to complete.
The partner responsible for implementing the project is:

Organization: AARC (Management Consultants) LTD

Address: 31 Mespil Road Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, Ireland

Contact person(s): Eleni Tzoka - Stecka


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