* 1. Which of the following brands of cameras do you currently use? (Select all that apply)

* 2. As a photographer, do you consider consider yourself

* 3. What subjects do you commonly photograph

* 4. Please indicate if you have entered any of the following types of photographic competitions in the last twelve months?

  Yes No
TPS Club competitions
National competitions (APS Accredited)
International competitions (FIAP or PSA or GPU Accredited)
Local Show competitions
Other competitions

* 5. Have you ever had formal photography (TAFE or university) training?

* 6. For each of the skills below please rate your skill level.

  Unskilled Skilled
Technical photographic skills
Image post processing
Print making
Public speaking

* 7. For each of the post-processing software listed below indicate how frequently you use it

  Have never used it Have used it occasionally Use it frequently
Camera Raw
Corel Paintshop Pro
Nik Software
Photoshop Elements

* 8. Please indicate your willingness to help with TPS activities

  No Maybe Yes
Mentor new members
Present a talk to members
Help plan field day activities