* 1. What setting do you work with people with aphasia post stroke (please select all that apply)

* 2. Does your setting/department have any formal/informal guidelines on the management of mood disorders for patients with aphasia post stroke? If so please list guidelines followed

* 3. Do you use any screening tools to identify mood disorders in patients with aphasia post stroke (e.g. observer rated or visual analogue scales)? If so please list any tools used

* 4. Have you received any training or completed any CPD courses in counseling post stroke or delivering psychological therapy or support (If so please select all that apply)

* 5. When working with someone who may be experiencing a mood disorder with aphasia post stroke, do you use any of the following approaches? Please select all that apply

* 6. What are the main barriers for you in delivering support to people who have mood disorders with aphasia post stroke? Please select all that apply

* 7. Do you refer clients with aphasia post stroke to any of the following services for psychological support/well being? Please Select all that apply

* 8. Do you provide any support or training to other healthcare professionals who provide counseling/psychological support to patients with aphasia post stroke? Please select all that apply