We hope you found our presentation both informative and applicable! We appreciate you taking a few minutes to fill out our survey. Your feedback is extremely beneficial to our future PD seminars. Thank you for being such a wonderful audience, we look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

* 1. After the presentation on accommodations/modifications I:

* 2. What is the difference between accommodations and modifications?

* 3. Please rate the presentation on UDL:

* 4. What does UDL stand for and how can you use this method within your own classroom to foster mathematical thinking/problem solving?

* 5. List a co-teaching method and how to would implement this method into a mathematics lesson:

* 6. I found the co-teaching tool kit to be:

* 7. What is cooperative learning and how can you implement this strategy to facilitate mathematical learning?

* 8. Overall, I found Day Two to be:

* 9. Do you have any other recommendations/suggestions out future PD programs? If so, please list them below: