* 1. Describe any ORGANIZATIONAL (task/process/initiative) that you STOPPED in 2016 or plan to STOP in 2017

* 2. Describe any ORGANIZATIONAL (task/process/initiative) that you STARTED in 2016.

* 3. Describe any ORGANIZATIONAL (task/process/initiative) you plan to START in 2017.

* 4. What is the best NEW PRODUCT you became aware of in 2016?

* 5. What was the best FEATURE/FUNCTION added to an information resource in 2016?

* 6. What PRODUCT did your department/organization STOP using in 2016 or plan to stop in 2017?

* 7. What NEW INFORMATION/WORKFLOW PRODUCTS do you expect to be rolled out in your organization in 2017?

* 8. What product would you most like to see developed in Legal information technology area?

* 9. What is your favorite app for personal use? (What do you use it for if it has multiple functions?)

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