* 1. Overall, how helpful was the occupational therapy report that you received after the initial evaluation?

* 2. What aspects of the report were most useful? Why or why not?

* 3. The report was

* 4. Who did you share the report with?

* 5. Was the information helpful to anyone you shared the report with?

* 6. With a written report, would you prefer

* 7. Was anything missing from the report that you would have liked more information or explanation about?

* 8. Was anything unnecessary in the report (history, list of test items, explanations, list of goals, recommendations, etc.)?

* 9. When writing our reports, our goals are to pinpoint problem areas, communicate how sensory processing contributes to problem areas, and to help generate understanding of why the problems exist. This also helps us better target our methods for treatment. We wonder if it may feel like a negative experience for families reading their report. How did you feel about your report and what suggestions would you have to help us make the report more positive or encouraging?

* 10. Any other changes would improve the report?

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