The Worship Ministry Team and Staff Leadership Team recommend that we begin Sunday morning Worship Services at 10:30 am, starting on September 10, and continuing through the next fiscal year.  With this recommendation, we are planning a number of teen- and adult education offerings in the 9:00 am hour.  Also, Ministry Teams would have an option of meeting before worship service at 9:00 or 9:30 am.  The main children's RE program will continue to be offered at 10:30 am (during adult worship).

This plan aims to balance the needs for morning RE programming with the interest of the congregation in getting away promptly (especially on ballgame days!)  In fact, if some Ministry Teams could meet before worship, we might be able to finish our church activities earlier than we do now.

We are very interested in hearing your reaction to the proposed 10:30 am start time. Please provide feedback by answering a few survey questions, or by sending an email to Doug Strombom ( as soon as possible.  We will take your feedback about your interests and concerns into consideration.  We'd like to finalize this decision by early July, so that we can all start planning our activities in September.  

* 1. Do you support the proposed worship time change to 10:30-11:30am from the current 10-11:00am time?

* 2. How are you advantaged by changing worship from 10 to 10:30? (if applicable)

* 3. How are you disadvantaged by changing worship from 10 to 10:30? (if applicable)

* 4. Please provide any other feedback:

* 5. Name:

* 6. Email: