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* 1. What school does your child attend? (Choose all that apply.)

* 2. How would you rate the effectiveness of the school and district parent involvement policy? (Policies are available at http://www.lavacaschools.com)

* 3. Has the academic quality of your child's school improved?

* 4. What suggestions do you have to make Parent Involvement more effective?

* 5. Please identify any materials, programs, trainings, etc. that you believe would be helpful to you as well as other parents in supporting your child's learning and ultimate success in the school environment? You may also include current materials, programs, trainings, etc. that you find useful.

* 6. I receive regular updates from my child's teacher (teachers) about his/her achievement and progress. (This includes notes, eSchool, emails, and progress reports in addition to report cards.)

* 7. Information sent from school is usually easy for me to read and understand.

* 8. If I have questions about school curriculum, programs, or student achievement, I feel comfortable asking about them.

* 9. The school provides additional assistance for students who are high achievers.

* 10. The school provides additional assistance for students who are struggling to achieve.

* 11. How well do administrators, faculty, and staff at your child's school create a school environment that helps children learn?

* 12. Would it be helpful to you to have an orientation at the beginning of the school year that would provide an explanation of and instructions for using recommended instructional resources, databases, websites, programs, tools, etc. that are available to students?

* 13. Do you have suggestions for how the school can better communicate with you?

* 14. Do barriers exist that limit greater participation by parents? (Please identify any barriers you see.)

* 15. My child's school keeps in contact with me through various methods: telephone, email, social media, website, newsletters, etc.

* 16. I would use the following supports if they were offered:
(Please check all that apply and add others as needed.)

* 17. I believe that the school is a safe place for my child both physically and emotionally.