1. General Information & Information on Seizures

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All parents please answer this section

* 1. Please can you provide your child's details below:

* 2. What age did your child start having seizures?

  Hospital Diagnosed Started Parent Belived Started
From Birth
1-4 Weeks Old
1-2 Months Old
2-3 Months Old
3-6 Months Old
>6 months Old

* 3. What age was your child diagnosed with MPEI?

* 4. What was the duration of your child's early seizures?

* 5. What did your childs early seizures look like?

  Yes No Don't Know
Eye flickering / rolling / deviations
Finger/toe twitching
Excess salivation
Lip smacking
Apnoeas (Breath holding)
Limb stiffness
Increased Heart rate
Other (please give details in Q10)

* 6. Did your child's doctors tell you what type of seizures your child was having and/or which part of the brain their seizures were originating from?

* 7. Has your child shown any abnormal test results to date? (if yes, please enter details in box at bottom of page)

* 8. What treatment (or combination of treatments) has your child tried to control their seizures?

  Yes No
Anticonvulsant Drugs
Ketogenic Diet
Vagal Nerve Stimulation (VNS)
Brain Surgery
Other (please give details Q10)

* 9. Which of the above treatment or combination of treatments, has proven most effective at controlling your child's seizures? (Please give names of the most effective medications)

* 10. Please add further information if you wish: