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* Please rate the following items using the scale below.

Level 1 - Unacceptable (Minimal or Ineffective)
Level 2 - Needs Improvement (Limited Use or Marginal)
Level 3 - Satisfactory (Demonstrated)
Level 4 - Quite Satisfactory (Clearly Demonstrated)
Level 5 - Excellent (Demonstrated Consistently and Thoroughly)

  Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
1. The outcomes were relevant to my work.
2. The facilitator responded to different learning needs.
3. I had opportunities to process the information from this workshop.
4. I was provided with a variety of opportunities to connect this information to my school/classroom.
5. I will use the skills and knowledge gained to inform my school/classroom practice.
6. The timing of direct instruction, individual, and group processing activities kept me engaged.
7. The expectations for meaningful participation were clear.

* Please share at least one idea to make these learning opportunities more meaningful for you or your team, and one thing we should continue to do at these learning opportunities.