* 1. If the Utility Energy Forum provided an opportunity for professional development in the form of a pre-conference training class for an additional fee, would you be interested? This would be offered the Tuesday afternoon before the Forum begins on Wednesday and would be a separate event.

* 2. Would you be interested in Speaker Training to learn how to prepare better PowerPoint presentations and get tips on how to better engage an audience? (Note:This would include an opportunity to send slides in advance for the instructor to do a makeover on slides submitted by several participants to illustrate the concepts. It also includes tips on how to be a better panel moderator or panelist.)

* 3. What other professional development training would you be interested in seeing offered in conjunction with the Utility Energy Forum?

* 4. What is the MAXIMUM you would be able to spend for a half-day training class? This excludes the cost of lodging and meals, and would cover registration only. the information will help us to determine the feasibility of offering such training.

* 5. Please provide your contact information if we may follow up with you on your comments or suggestions.