* 1. Please indicate category of the organization you represent.

* 2. Please rate the success in meeting the objectives for the Summit.

  Excellent Good Fair Poor
To increase the knowledge of attendees on the topic of early childhood obesity prevention
To increase familiarity among attendees with the resources in the community for implementation of early childhood obesity prevention
To allow attendees to share in priority setting process and identify initiatives where collaboration could address early childhood obesity prevention

* 3. Please rate the following aspects of the Summit.

  Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree
Communications prior to the event were adequate.
Presentation and breakouts were well organized.
Time given to cover material was adequate.
Topic was relevant to my work.
Handouts were of high quality and useful.
Attendees questions were addressed.

* 4. Please rate the presentations/breakout session.

  Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree N/A
Opening Remarks: Mitchell Balk (Mt. Sinai Health Care Foundation), Denise San Antonio Zeman (Saint Luke's Foundation), Amy Sheon (CWRU Urban Health Initiative), Rebekah Dorman (Invest in Children)
William Dietz, MD. nutrition, physical activity and obesity expert
Billie Osborne Fears, Starting Point
Sarah Messiah, Ph.D, MPH on behalf of American Heart Association
Farm to Childcare Breakout
Using Wellness Policies to Enhance Quality and Engagement
Take 60 with Physical Activity
Childcare Director/Program Staff Focus Group

* 5. Please share one fact or idea from the Summit that was something new or noteworthy.

* 6. Please describe what would help facilitate you or your organization's collaboration with others in the community to address early childhood obesity prevention.

* 7. Please describe what you believe our community could do to address early childhood obesity prevention more effectively.

* 8. I would like to continue my support and involvement in these efforts in the following areas:

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