Interested in Modern Graphics Programming on AmigaOS?

OpenGL ES 2 and Warp3D Nova bring modern shader based graphics to AmigaOS. As the creator of Warp3D Nova I'd like to help AmigaOS developers make the most of the new capabilities. First I need some idea of what people are most interested in.

If you're interested in graphics/game programming on AmigaOS, then please fill in the following survey.

Hans de Ruiter

* 1. How interested are you in courses/tutorials to learn the following?
(rank in order of interest, leave a row blank to indicate no interest)

  Most interested More interested Less interested Least interested
Rendering graphics using OpenGL ES 2
Rendering graphics using Warp3D Nova directly
Writing a 2D game (OpenGL ES 2 or Warp3D Nova)
Writing a 3D game (OpenGL ES 2 or Warp3D Nova)

* 2. Anything else OpenGL ES 2 or Warp3D Nova related you'd be interested in?

* 3. What challenges are in the way of you using OpenGL ES or Warp3D Nova (if any)?

* 4. What's your programming experience with the following?

  Expert Average Basic Never used
OpenGL (any version)

* 5. Are you competent with any other programming languages and/or graphics systems?

* 6. Any other platforms you'd be interested in learning graphics/game programming for?

* 7. Any other comments?

* 8. Want to be notified when/if tutorials are released? Enter your name and email below