Customer Satisfaction Survey

* 1. Which Northside Pharmacy did you visit for your equipment or supplies?

* 2. Type of equipment or product you received

* 3. Was the equipment or products you received clean and in good working order?

* 4. Did you receive the product in a timely manner?

* 5. Was the staff courteous and knowledgeable?

* 6. Did staff explain your rights and responsibilities and give them to you in writing?

* 7. Did the staff explain what you may owe for the cost of your equipment?

* 8. Did you receive verbal and / or written instructions regarding your equipment or service in a manner you could understand?

* 9. Were you able to use your equipment in a safe manner after you were instructed?

* 10. Were you provided our after-hours and weekend on-call process and phone number?

* 11. Overall, were you satisfied with the equipment, products and services provided?