* 1. What are your writing goals? When it's all said and done, what do you want to have accomplished?

* 2. Imagine it's March 2015. What milestones did you reach that have you patting yourself on the back?

* 3. What do you want to accomplish over the next five years?

* 4. Who do you write for? Is it yourself, a family member, friend or loved one? Why?

* 5. Where do you turn when you're facing a writing problem? Your writing group? A trusted friend? Do you start Googling for answers or websites?

* 6. If you've attended a Crossroads Writers event in the past, what have we actually helped you do? Have we helped you at all?

* 7. Do you still want or need help with that issue? Is it on-going? And if we weren't able to help you, what went wrong? Is it something with which we *can* help you?

* 8. Last one: What things in life matter most to you? What motivates you? How are those things tied to your writing?