* 1. Your Contact Information

* 2. Type of Service You Received from ALPTI (Please check all services or information that you have received or accessed)

* 3. The information or service I was provided was high quality, useful, and relevant.

* 4. I was able to take action as a result of the support or information I received.

* 5. PTI staff were knowledgeable and helpful.

* 6. I have increased my knowledge and awareness as a result of the information provided by the PTI Center.

* 7. I am satisfied with the service, training or support I received from the PTI Center.

* 8. I would recommend the PTI Center to others.

* 9. I know more about the PTI Center and services available as a result of the contact or information I received.

* 10. As a result of contact and information with the PTI Center do you feel more confident in advocating and accessing services on behalf or for your child (for youth for yourself)?

Thank you for completing the evaluation.  Your opinion is important and valuable to our center.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact our office at 334-567-2252 or toll free at 866-532-7660.

* 11. Other comments you would like to add: