1. Thank you for your support!

Kids in Museums would really like to know what you think about visiting museum and gallerie cafes with your family. Your answers help us to understand what works for you in a museum cafe, in order to stimulate museums to make their cafes a welcoming place to families of all shapes and sizes.

We would be really grateful if you could spare a few minutes to complete the short survey below and share your views.

Please feel free to forward this survey to your friends to answer.

Thank you for your support.

* 1. Do you use museum cafes?

* 2. If a museum doesn’t have a cafe, what do you do?

* 3. Do you ever take your own food to a museum?

* 4. What’s the best experience you’ve had in a museum cafe and why?

* 5. Have you ever had a bad experience in a museum café? If so, what was your bad experience, and why?

* 6. What change to catering provision in museums would make the biggest difference to your family?

* 7. If a museum had a fabulous family friendly cafe, would you visit the museum more often?

* 8. Who do you normally visit museums with?

* 9. What city or town do you live in?

* 10. If you like your name to be put in a draw to win a family ticket to the Ministry of Food exhibition at the Imperial War Museum London, please leave your name, email address, post address and phone number.

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