What Do You Know About the Top 10 Resources of GWA - soon to be known as GardenComm?

The Communications Committee created 10 Blogs about the Top 10 Resources available to GWA members. We found that many on our Committee learned a lot about resources we weren't accessing because we didn't know about them.
What did you learn? We'd like to find out with this five-minute GWA RESOURCE QUIZ to test your knowledge and more importantly, be sure you're accessing all that's available to further your garden communication career.   

We know you ALL read our blogs and presentations, so below is a quick refresher.  

DID WE MENTION THERE ARE PRIZES? Not that you need an incentive but, YES, all quiz takers will be eligible to win prizes. A big thank you to Gardener's Supply, Fiskars, Brent and Becky's Bulbs and more. The winners will be drawn at random from the pool of entrants and will be notified via email. Contest will close December 1st, 2018.

1 – GWA Online Learning Tools and Resources, Jessica Walliser
2 – The Importance of Networking, Deb Wiley
3 – The GWA Job Board, Katie Elzer-Peters
4 - Annual GWA Symposiums, Maree Gaetani and Jessica Walliser
5 - The GWA Power Circles Program, Communications Committee Guest Cauleen Viscoff
6 - The Legal Assist Program, Elizabeth Clark
7 - GWA Webinars, Maree Gaetani
8 - Expert Advice: What's It Take to Be A Garden Communicator, Jessica Walliser with Guests Nan Sterman, Steve Biggs and Amy Andrychowicz
9 -  On the QT Newsletter, Katie Elzer-Peters
10 - GWA Newsclippings, Maree Gaetani

So, please test your knowledge of GWA Resources and be the first to win a prize!

Contest ends December 1st, 2018